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Criminal Legal is tailored for you, the consumer, providing easy-to-navigate essential information for those facing criminal and traffic law issues. Understanding your rights and legal obligations is vital, and obtaining the proper legal advice is key.

Alan Weiss conceived Criminal Legal after enduring the hardships and financial difficulties of legal battles ten years ago. Recognizing a need for a more user-friendly approach, he, not being a lawyer, crafted this site specifically to assist those with minimal or no experience with the legal system.

Criminal Law

Criminal law in Australia forms the foundation of the nation’s legal system, ensuring justice and accountability for all citizens. This comprehensive body of law defines offenses, penalties, and procedures for criminal proceedings. It encompasses crimes ranging from theft and assault to more serious offenses like murder and fraud. Australian criminal law ensures the fair treatment of individuals accused of crimes, emphasizing the principle of “innocent until proven guilty.” With the aim of maintaining public safety and protecting the rights of individuals, criminal law plays a crucial role in upholding societal order and safeguarding the welfare of all Australians.

Traffic Offences

Traffic law in Australia plays a pivotal role in maintaining road safety and order. Encompassing rules, regulations, and penalties, it governs all aspects of road use to protect drivers, passengers, and pedestrians. Australian traffic law covers various areas, including speed limits, alcohol and drug impairment, seatbelt usage, mobile phone use, and traffic signs. Violations of these laws can lead to fines, license disqualification, and demerit points, depending on the severity of the offence. With the aim of reducing accidents and fatalities, traffic law in Australia acts as a critical safeguard, emphasising responsible driving behaviors and adherence to road rules for the welfare of all road users.

Drink Driving Offences

Drink-driving law in Australia is essential to road safety measures to combat the deadly consequences of driving under the influence. These stringent laws set legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limits for drivers, emphasising a zero-tolerance policy for learner, provisional, and commercial drivers. For fully licensed drivers, the general BAC limit is 0.05. Offenders face severe penalties, including fines, license disqualification, mandatory alcohol interlock programs, and even imprisonment for serious or repeat offences. With a strong emphasis on deterrence and public safety, Australia’s drink driving laws serve as a critical deterrent to protect road users and prevent tragic accidents caused by alcohol-impaired drivers.

Our Story

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After experiencing the legal system as a client and seeing it first-hand from the lawyers’ perspective, I have invested almost a decade in learning how it works. I have attended hundreds of days of court hearings, had countless formal meetings with lawyers and have spoken to hundreds more across the country. 

I have gained a rare skill: understanding how the legal consumer and the legal practitioner think. In my quest to create a single solution that answers the consumer’s every need, I created sites that have revolutionised how consumers interact with lawyers online with a powerful suite of unique tools and resources.

Alan Weiss | Founder

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