VIC Traffic Offences

If convicted of negligent driving occasioning grievous bodily harm, your licence may be automatically disqualified for 3 years. The court may reduce the disqualification period to the minimum period of

Every traffic offence in Victoria carries with it a penalty of demerit points which will be recorded on your licence. If you are a full licence holder and you accumulate at least

Speeding is a minor traffic offense that carries with it stiff penalties because what is penalized, essentially, is the risk of crashing. For this reason, the greater the speed a

A hoon offence is a traffic violation that has been designated as dangerous or anti-social. There are two kinds of hoon offences in Victoria. Tier 1 offences are the most

Hoon driving describes a list of offences involving reckless driving behaviour. The term hoon driving is used to describe a wide range of offences involving reckless driving behaviour that puts

Driving while suspended can lead to severe consequences. If a person’s licence has been suspended or has been disqualified from driving, they are prohibited from operating a motor vehicle. The

If the police believe you drove a car without a licence or permit that says you may drive, they may charge you with unlicensed driving. You may be charged with

If you want to drive, you’ll need a learner permit and a probationary license. Learner and probationary drivers are subject to special laws, like: Driving a car on your L-plates A

Depending on which party was at fault in the accident, and what kind of insurance cover each person has, a vehicle can be repaired. If a driver is without insurance,

Victoria is known for having some of Australia’s most stringent traffic laws and penalties. Whether you’re a driver, motorcyclist, or pedestrian, it’s important to understand the various offences and charges