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Tragedy befalls a 4 year old kid after being struck and killed by a woman driver.

A 60 year old woman struck and killed a 4 year old boy in New South Wales Central Coast. The boy died immediately at the scene of the accident at Three Point Avenue at MacMasters Beach. The responding paramedics did their best to save the kid but he died before he was taken to the local hospital.

Police reported that the 60 year old woman driver stopped to help the boy but she could not do anything for the injuries that he had sustained. The woman was taken to Gosford Hospital to undergo treatment for the shock that she had suffered in the driving accident.

Driving Accident in New South Wales are governed by the National Transport Commission (NTC). Australian Road Rules 1999 provides the basic rules for the road use of motorists, motorcycle drivers, cyclists, pedestrians and other commuters. These rules provide the basic and fundamental law which is often referred to as the ‘Model Laws’ for all territories and state.

While there are several penalties that provides for the sanctions to traffic offenders in New South Wales, the circumstances of each case must still be taken into consideration. In this case, the local authorities must determine the proximate cause of the death of the 4 year old boy when he was hit by the vehicle driven by the 60 year old woman. The attending circumstances of the accident must also be considered. Shared responsibility of the parents as well as the drivers must be taken into consideration before any charges can be filed.

In November 1 2012, there have been substantial changes to New South Wales Road Rules. It includes the general prohibition on the use of mobile phones while driving except only in circumstances when the use of the phone would not require the driver to remove his hands behind the wheel.

New rules are also introduced to those pedestrian who are crossing at traffic lights and without traffic lights. There is also a new rule for drivers who must give way to any pedestrian who are crossing at an intersection. Most of the changes are introduced to provide additional safety of travel not only for the drivers and commuters but also to the pedestrians on the road.

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