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Several Drug Charges were filed against a Canberra man for importing drugs through the use of PO boxes and false identities.

A man from Canberra was indicted with several Drug Charges for importing a large amount of prohibited and controlled drugs by using a systematic and complicated scheme through the use of PO boxes and false identities.

It was reported that the said man, through his false identities, has been ordering several parcels containing cocaine and ecstasy from other countries. The parcels were delivered to the network of PO boxes that he had set up throughout Canberra. The proportion of the drugs that he had been ordering is of viable for drug distribution and operation in the territory.

The Drug Charges against the man is considered as a preliminary to the charges that the local authorities are planning considering that they are still investigating the setup and network of his drug trade.

Drug offences in the Australian Capital Territory are covered by several legislations. It includes the Drugs of Dependence Act 1989, the ACT Criminal Code 2002 and the Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act. These Acts and legislations are always evolving and continually being updated in order to keep up with the changes in the legal and illegal drug distribution, regulation as well as the drug offences that are incurred in connection thereto.

Under the Australian Capital Territory Criminal Code 2002, a person can be considered be trafficking controlled drugs if he, sells the drug to another person. He may also be held guilty of the same offence if he prepares the drug for supply with the intention of selling the drugs themselves or if they believe that other person will sell them.

Other ways of trafficking controlled drugs are transporting the drug with the intention to sell them. The same also applies to those persons who guards or conceals the drugs with the same intention of selling them or helping other person sell them. Possession of drugs with the intention of selling it is also considered as trafficking.

If the person who commits the offence of trafficking commits the offence involving a large marketable and commercial quantity of controlled and prohibited drugs, the law imposes a penalty of life imprisonment.

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