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Mordey, 37, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, mid-range drink driving, obstructing police and contravening a police direction.

On January 1, 2014, police received calls reporting that the callers saw sparks coming from a vehicle that was going along Slade Point Road.

When police went to investigate they found out that it was Jason James Mordey who drove his car on New Year’s Eve for four kilometres without the driver’s front tyre. Mordey, 37, pleaded guilty at the Mackay Magistrates Court to dangerous driving, mid-range drink driving, obstructing police and contravening a police direction.

Prosecutor Sheena Hayes said that the police responded to the calls at 3:23 AM of January 1 and arrived at Mordey’s residence in Kookaburra St. by following a trail of tyre marks, rubber and gouges on the asphalt road.

The police saw outside Mordey’s home a white four-wheel-drive vehicle that had extensive damage at the front part of the vehicle driver’s side.

Mordey refused the police entry into his home unless they would get a warrant and told the police to “go see Judge Risso” for the warrant. The police were able to enter the house where they found Mordey drinking milk from a 2-litre milk bottle which he continued to drink from even when the police tried to take the bottle from him. Mordey also refused to have a breath test unless it was done in front of CCTV cameras.

He would register a reading of 0.129. At the watch-house, when he was told by the police to not drink from the bathroom tap, he did just that.

Mordey would later say that he was “embarrassed” with how he talked to the police. The court was informed that an unhappy family life caused the behaviour of Mordey. Nevertheless, the court convicted Mordey who was placed on 12 months probation, fined $1500 and was disqualified from driving for eight months. Mordey’s conviction will not be placed on record if he successfully complies with the court’s order.

According to defence solicitor Antoinette Morton, the charge of dangerous operation of a vehicle was filed not because of Mordey’s manner of driving. The charge was filed because Mordey drove an unsafe vehicle and was under the influence of alcohol at that time. Ms Morton also said that the actions of Mordey against the police were not serious.

In Queensland, a driver convicted of mid-range drink driving may be sentenced to a maximum prison term of 6 months, disqualified from driving up to a maximum period of 12 months and fined up to a maximum amount of $2200.

A driver is guilty of mid-range drink driving if he has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.10 and below 0.15. As for the charge of dangerous operation of a vehicle, the Criminal Code Queensland provides that a person who operates a vehicle in a dangerous manner could be penalized with 200 demerit points or 3 years imprisonment.

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