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Criminal Law News SA

random roadside saliva testing

We use the term "prescribed drugs" throughout this document. This term is also included under the Road Traffic Act of 1961. Read More

Man arrested for drink driving while sleeping in vehicle

The police arrested a man who was sleeping behind the wheel of his vehicle. The vehicles engine was running but it was parked in the mans driveway. Read More

What Is the offence of causing harm in South Australia

Two crimes in South Australia are related to, but more serious than, the offence of assault. This article will help you understand those crimes and the defences you might raise to them Read More

Drink driving related offences

Driving over the limit which means that the level of alcohol in the driver’s blood exceeded the prescribed limit Read More

Man charged with attempted murder after a shooting incident in Adelaide

A Man was charged with attempted murder after a shooting a 42-year-old man in Adelaide. The Offender is still missing and the Police have conducted a manhunt to apprehend him. Read More

Road Driving Accidents still high in South Australia

Statistics provided that national road accidents fell by 8 per cent however there are still areas where driving accidents are high. Authorities are preparing extensive programs to further reduce them. Read More

House crashed by a drunk driver

A man crashes into a House in Melbourne, Australia for Drink Driving can face serious charges. Victorian Traffic Laws including the Road Safety Act provides for the Statutory Rules that governs cases of Traffic Violations Read More

Drugs Cultivation and Sale SA

Under section 33B of the Controlled Substances Act 1984, the penalties for cultivating a commercial quantity or a large commercial quantity of a controlled plant are explained. Read More

Causing physical or mental harm SA

Physical harm includes actions that may cause unconsciousness, pain, disfigurement, or infection with a disease. Read More

Delay in serving interim intervention orders

The local police have been granted the power to issue interim intervention orders against in cases of domestic violence. Intervention orders have replaced restraining orders, which were usually issued by the court. Read More

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