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A person who holds a licence to be a sex work service provider is known as a licensee

The legal brothel and escort industry in Victoria is governed by the Prostitution Control Act 1994 (PCA), Prostitution Control Regulations 1995, Health [Infectious Diseases] Regulations 2001.

The ACT legislates for prostitution to be carried out under licensing conditions applicable to brothels, escort agencies and private (one or two person) operations.

It is a criminal offence:

  • to cause or induce a child to take part in an act of prostitution, whether as the prostitute or as a client;
  • to receive a payment knowing that it or any part of it has been derived, directly or indirectly, from sexual services provided by a child;
  • to enter into, or offer to enter into, an agreement under which a child is to provide sexual services for payment or in exchange for drugs of dependence;
  • to assault or threaten to assault a person, to intimidate a person, to supply or offer to supply a drug of dependence, or make a false representation or use any false pretence or other fraudulent means to induce an adult to engage, or continue to engage, in prostitution;
  • to assault or threaten to assault a person, to intimidate or supply, or offer to supply, a drug of dependence to induce an adult to provide, or continue to provide, money derived directly or indirectly from prostitution engaged in by the person;
  • to knowingly live on, wholly or in part, or derive a materialbenefit from the earnings of prostitution unless the business has been licensed and provided with a permit;
  • as a person who owns or occupies a premises or who manages or assists in the management of premises, to allow a child to enter or remain on premises for the purpose of taking part in an act of prostitution, whether as the prostitute or as the client or in any other capacity;
  • as a person who carries on a business of a brothel or who assists in the management of a brothel, to permit a child over the age of 18 months to enter or remain in a brothel; and
  • as a "prostitution service provider", to sell, supply or consume liquor at a brothel or permit such activities.

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