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Criminal Law News WA

Getting bail is more difficult in a Schedule 2 application

Schedule 2 of the Bail Act 1982 contains a list of serious offences. If you are arrested for allegedly committing a Schedule 2 serious offence whilst on bail for another serious offence, Read More

Applying for bail in Western Australia

When someone is arrested for an offence he or she has a general right in terms of Section 5 of the Bail Act 1982 to have bail considered as soon as is practicable. Read More

Possession of drugs with the intent to sell

Actual possession. It may be the case that the Police allege that a person has been found in physical possession of the alleged drugs, such as when they are in the pocket of a pair of trousers worn by the accused person Read More

Criminal records in Western Australia

As a general rule, the criminal record of a person is kept confidential. There are limited instances, however, when a criminal record is released such as when it is the court that is requesting for the disclosure. Read More

Crime victims receive compensation in Western Australia

If you were the victim of a crime committed in Western Australia, you may be able to receive compensation. Read this article by Criminal legal Read More

Report a crime in Western Australia

In Western Australia, the reporting of a crime is given immediate attention and response by the police. Emergency numbers are advertised and operators are always on-hand Read More

Information on violence restraining order

A violence restraining order (VRO) applies to persons who are experiencing violence in a domestic or family relationship. Criminal legal Read More

WA Mobile Phone Motorist may lose their license points

A new weapon in the police arsenal was implemented by the Western Police to target motorists who are using mobile phones while driving, they will receive demerit license points once caught. Read More

Different types of sexual offences in Western Australia

Sexual Offences in Western Australia is governed by the Criminal Code Act 1913 which provides severe penalties for offenders to safeguard the people against all forms of sexual abuse and exploitation. Read More

A drunk driver received a disqualification notice after crashing

42 year old man who had leg cast crashed into a Bunbury Home after his bandages tangled with his pedal. He was found out to be drunk during the accident. Read More

Man charged with grievous bodily harm for the death of stepson

65 year old man, arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm over the death of his 33year old step son. Defence opted not to post bail pending post mortem examination. Read More

Violence offences spiked in Alice Springs and Tennant Greek

Alcohol Intoxication is one of the major causes of the rise of recorded Assault/Violence Offences in Australia. Law Enforcers are on guard to reduce overall crime rate throughout the Territory. Read More

Teen charged over park bashing

GBH is an injury that will likely cause permanent injury to the health or life of a person. Criminal Code provides the penalties and aggravating circumstances. Read More

Hearing a non-indictable offence in the magistrate court

The prosecution notice must contain a specific provision of the criminal law being violated, clear description of the offence the accused has committed which will enable him to answer the charge against him. Read More

Hearing an indictable offence in the Magistrate Court

An indictable offence is one which is usually tried and determined by the Supreme Court or the District Court. There are, however, many indictable offences which can be tried by the Magistrate Court Read More

Arrest warrant Western Australia

An arrest which is the initial step that puts an end to a ministerial function and signaled the commencement of a judicial process is effected by virtue of a warrant issued by the magistrate court Read More

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