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How to Report a Crime in Western Australia

In Western Australia, the reporting of a crime is given immediate attention and response by the police. Emergency numbers are advertised and operators are always on-hand to take calls from distressed citizens. Even speech and hearing impaired persons are provided with number to call for help.

The most common number to call to report certain crimes is 131 444. This number is dialled for burglary, theft and rape or sexual assault. Reporting a crime does not end at calling the right number. There are also other things to do which will help the police in conducting their investigation. For instance, if your house or commercial establishment has been burgled it is important not to touch anything. Police would want to know how the burglar was able to gain entrance. They might also want to inspect the place for footprints or fingerprints.

If you are the victim of rape or sexual assault, remember that your body is the best evidence. After reporting the incident to the police, ask them about having your body physically examined. It is important that a doctor will examine you and record the injuries you sustained. The medical report will be used by the police and the prosecution to file a case against the perpetrator. Although it might be difficult for you, do not touch the scene of the crime. There might be valuable forensic evidence for the police to gather.

Thefts that occurred within 30 minutes must be called immediately at 131 444. However, if 30 minutes have lapsed, the operator of said number will ask the victim to accomplish an incident report form or arrange for the police to get to the scene of the crime. The victim will have to provide an inventory of the objects stolen with the corresponding value. Other questions must also be answered like the address of the incident or whether weapons were used.

Acts of terrorism has its own special number: National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400. Even if you just see or hear terrorism related activity, immediately report it to the National Security Hotline.

As for the hearing or speech impaired they can report emergency situation to TTY 106. For non life-threatening emergencies they can text SMSAssist to ask for police assistance.

1800 333 000 is the number of Crime Stoppers which accepts calls conveying information about any criminal activity. They even take anonymous calls.

Crimes that occurred outside Western Australia must be reported in the jurisdiction where it happened.

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