Child Prostitution Offences NSW

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The various offences and the penalties associated with child prostitution in NSW

In New South Wales (NSW), Australia, the legal system takes a stringent stance towards crimes involving cchild-sexual-offences. The Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 and the Crimes Act 1900 contain numerous provisions criminalising activities related to child prostitution.

Child Prostitution Offences

  1. Procuring a Child for Prostitution: Under Section 91D of the Crimes Act 1900, it is an offence to procure a child, whether for oneself or another person, for prostitution. This includes causing or inducing a child to participate in prostitution.
  2. Using a Child for Pornographic Purposes: Under Section 91H of the Crimes Act, it’s a crime to use a child for pornographic purposes or produce, disseminate, or possess child abuse material. While this extends beyond prostitution, it covers situations where children are exploited sexually for commercial gain.
  3. Acting as a Client: Section 91F criminalises anyone who obtains a child for prostitution or uses a child for pornographic purposes.
  4. Allowing Premises to be Used for Child Prostitution: Under Section 91E, it is a crime for a person to allow premises of which they are the owner, occupier, lessor, or manager to be used for child prostitution.

Penalties for Child Prostitution Offences

The penalties for these offences are severe and aim to deter potential offenders and protect children from exploitation. The maximum penalties are as follows:

  1. For procuring a child for prostitution (Section 91D), the maximum penalty is 14 years’ imprisonment.
  2. For using a child for pornographic purposes (Section 91H), the maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment.
  3. For acting as a client of a child prostitute (Section 91F), the maximum penalty is seven years imprisonment.
  4. For allowing premises to be used for child prostitution (Section 91E), the maximum penalty is 14 years imprisonment.

These penalties highlight the seriousness with which the NSW legal system regards offences related to child prostitution.


The stringent laws and severe penalties against child prostitution offences in NSW demonstrate the commitment to safeguarding the welfare and rights of children. However, it is essential to continue efforts in public awareness, law enforcement training, and provision of services for the victims to combat child prostitution effectively. If you suspect a child is at risk or is a victim of such exploitation, it is vital to report your concerns to the police or child protection services immediately. Our collective responsibility can help to end this horrific form of child abuse.