Driving While Driver License is Suspended in NSW

Driving While License is Suspended in NSW: Police Encounters, Charges, and Penalties

Driving with a suspended license in New South Wales (NSW) is a serious offence, highlighting the state’s stringent measures to maintain road safety. If you’re caught operating a vehicle during a suspension period, you’ll face severe consequences. Here’s what you can expect if you’re stopped by the police, along with the subsequent charges and penalties.

Police Stop

When the police pull you over, they will typically:

  • Request Identification: Officers will ask for your driver’s license and other identification documents.
  • Check License Status: Using in-car systems or radio communication, they will verify the status of your license. If it’s found that your license is suspended, the situation escalates.

Immediate Consequences

Once the police confirm your license is suspended:

  • Vehicle Confiscation: The police have the authority to confiscate or impound your vehicle on the spot, depending on the reason for the suspension or if you are a repeat offender.
  • Notice of Suspension: If you were not previously aware, the police might issue a formal notice, reiterating the terms of your license suspension.

Charges for Driving on a Suspended License

Driving with a suspended license is a criminal offence in NSW. If caught, you’ll face:

  • Court Attendance Notice: The police will issue a notice requiring you to appear in court on a specified date to address the charge.


Upon your court date, if found guilty, penalties can vary based on whether it’s a first-time or subsequent offence.

First-time Offenders

  • Fine: A substantial fine will be levied.
  • Disqualification: An additional disqualification period will be added to your existing suspension. The length can vary but expect a significant extension.

Repeat Offenders

  • Increased Fine: The fine amount escalates for those caught multiple times driving on a suspended license.
  • Extended Disqualification: Repeat offenders face a longer added disqualification period.
  • Imprisonment: In some cases, especially for chronic repeat offenders or those who’ve committed additional serious offences while driving suspended, a jail term might be handed down.

Aggravated Situations

The court might impose harsher penalties if, while driving suspended, you’re also charged with other offences like DUI (driving under the influence), dangerous driving, or being involved in an accident.


Driving during a suspension period in NSW is a risky venture with severe consequences. The legal system takes this offence seriously, as it often indicates a disregard for the rules meant to ensure everyone’s safety on the road. If your license is suspended, it’s crucial to respect this restriction, both for your sake and the safety of others.