Getting Your Driver Licence Back in VIC

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Once you are notified that your licence has been cancelled, you must return it to VicRoads.

Failure to do so may delay your ability to restore your licence. Other penalties may also be imposed if you ignore that obligation.

Do Not Drive While Disqualified

If you do not have a valid licence, driving in Victoria is a serious offence. Punishment can include a stiff fine and up to two years of imprisonment. Also, the court will impose another licence disqualification which will not begin until your current disqualification ends. That will delay your eligibility to receive a valid licence.

Assessment and Driver Education

Before your licence can be restored, you will need to complete at least one assessment.  An assessment consists of an interview with a counsellor who determines whether alcohol is a serious problem in your life. If the assessment counsellor asks you to supply a copy of your driving record, you can obtain one from VicRoads.

Depending upon the result of the assessment and the nature of your offence, you may be required to attend a driver education program.

The court may also require you to attend a driver education program as a condition of restoring your licence. The basic driver education program lasts for eight hours.

The Magistrate’s court can inform you of the location of the assessment facility that is nearest to you. You should contact that facility at least 12 months before your disqualification period ends. If your disqualification is for less than 12 months, you should contact the facility immediately. Based on your offence, the counsellor will tell you how many assessments you need and how long the program will last.

If you were convicted of a repeat drunk driving offence, you would need to obtain a final assessment report within 28 days of your licence restoration hearing. If you were convicted of drug driving, you would need to obtain an assessment six months before your licence restoration hearing and a final assessment within 28 days of the restoration hearing.

Apply for a Licence Restoration Order

You should apply for a licence restoration hearing at least 28 days before your disqualification period ends. You can get a licence restoration application from the Magistrate’s Court that is nearest to you. Complete the application and submit it to the court. You would need to supply all assessment reports to the Magistrate’s Court, as well as proof that you completed the education program if one was required