Obtaining An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) – NSW

The Process Of Obtaining An Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) In NSW: Safeguarding Vulnerable Individuals

Apprehended Violence Orders (AVOs) are a vital legal mechanism in New South Wales (NSW) designed to protect individuals from violence, harassment, or intimidation. The process of obtaining an AVO involves several steps, aiming to provide a safe environment for those at risk. In this article, we delve into the comprehensive process of obtaining an AVO in NSW, shedding light on the application procedure, gathering evidence, court hearings, and the significance of these orders in safeguarding vulnerable individuals.

Understanding the Purpose of an AVO

An Apprehended Violence Order is a court order issued to protect individuals who have experienced or fear violence, harassment, or intimidation. It aims to prevent contact between the offender (respondent) and the victim (person in need of protection) and may impose additional conditions to ensure the protected person’s safety.

Initiating the AVO Application

A. Seeking Legal Advice: The process begins with seeking legal advice from a solicitor or visiting the local police station to understand the eligibility for an AVO and the application procedure.

B. Preparing the Application: The victim, or someone on their behalf, can fill out an application form available at the local court or police station.

Gathering Evidence and Supporting Documentation

Providing Information

The applicant must provide detailed information about the incidents of violence, harassment, or intimidation they have experienced or fear may occur.

 Witness Statements

Witnesses who have observed the abuse or harassment may provide statements to support the application.

Other Supporting Documents

Medical reports, photographs, text messages, or any relevant documents may be included as evidence.

Applying for the AVO

Lodging the Application

 The completed application is lodged at the local court or police station.

Interim AVO

 If the court considers the application urgent, it may issue an interim AVO for immediate protection until the final hearing.

Court Hearings and Decision

Service of Documents

The court will serve the application and supporting documents to the respondent, informing them of the date and time of the court hearing.

Court Hearing

Both the applicant and the respondent attend the court hearing, where they present their evidence and arguments.

Determining the AVO

The court assesses the evidence and decides whether to grant or refuse the AVO

Duration and Variation of AVO


AVOs can be issued for a specified period or until further court orders.

Variation or Revocation

Either party can apply to the court to vary or revoke the AVO if circumstances change.

Breach of AVO

Consequences: Breaching an AVO is a serious offence, with penalties that may include fines or imprisonment.

Victim Support Services

Victims can access support services to help them navigate the legal process and cope with the emotional impact.

The process of obtaining an Apprehended Violence Order in NSW is essential in providing protection and support to vulnerable individuals facing violence or harassment. By understanding the application process, gathering evidence, attending court hearings, and seeking the right legal guidance, victims can obtain an AVO and take a crucial step towards ensuring their safety and well-being.